It Moves Along…

The saddest moment of my life was running out of grey yarn and realizing my paycheck was not high enough to justify buying a few more balls. That puts part of my project on a little bit of a hold. Still, there are other parts that need doing!

So far we have the colors and the base done. All the grey moving upward is the outline for how tall it is and I threw it on my bed last night and discovered that it will definitely fit a double bed and is tall enough for my boyfriend. THAT means I don’t have to add any squares! Yay! In total there should be around 198 squares and then I will be crocheting a little border and sewing a blanket to the back. It’s so exciting when a project starts to come together!!

Tetris Blanket


He’s Just Not That Into It

Usually this is a bad thing. You want your man to be into what you’re doing, curious about your current projects and taking an interest in what’s happening. Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend supports me every step of the way, but I am fairly certain he is not aware of the existence of my blog, nor would he be particularly interested in following. This is a good thing, because it means I can share his Christmas gift with the rest of the world! It’s not much right now and the squares are much smaller than I had intended, but so far things are going well and I’m really liking the look of it!


If you can’t tell, it’s going to be a Tetris blanket! I still have a lot to sew on, plus about 100 more squares to crochet so I am not sure if it will be ready for Christmas, but hey, at least I’m working on it. Right now he keeps harassing me because I am supposed to be crocheting him some pokemon plushies, but I have been busy and they can wait. In any case, I hope you love it as much as I do! Have you started your Christmas gifts?! 


Blogging is a difficult thing for me. I think it’s because every time I sit down and click the “New Post” tab I feel as though I need to connect deeply with every individual who might possibly read my blog or come into contact with me somehow. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a blog, I don’t think the text box is quite ready for all of the insightful thoughts it would have to contain to make an impact on hundreds of strangers. Let’s try to remember that I only really need to post a photo and an “I love this because..” and let the insight strike me whenever it does. I know for a fact people don’t read blogs only to solve all of life’s problems, sometimes, they just want to see what their favorite blogger drew in their silly comic strip or what they’ve crocheted the last week.

That being said. CHRISTMAS IS COMING. I’m so excited that I may just collapse. I have yet to decorate, but I’m working on some really adorable stockings for my lovely co-workers. I’m also working on Christmas gifts and orders for other people’s Christmas gifts. That means I’m a bit busy these days, but that will never dampen my excitement.

I wonder how many of you out there get excited for Christmas. Quite a few people I know dread the season, that’s when things get busy, they have to spend money on other people and a boat full of relatives visit, stay, make a mess, make noise and leave you with a disaster of a house. Still. How could you not love having people you love around you or seeing the gorgeous lights around the tree? I cannot grasp it, so I just smile and share my own excitement, whether or not they want to hear it. (sorry). Also, did you know that you are neurologically programmed to feel much higher happiness when you gift someone than when you buy something for yourself? Christmas is the ultimate happiness season! Think of all the people you can bring happiness to, and how that little act can make you feel good too. My gifts will all be home-made because I am for the most part a bit broke and I think it means a lot more when people know I’ve thought about them.

Anyway! Here is a picture of some booties all ready for x-mas! Share your excitement with me, what’s your favorite part of the season!?


Back in the Groove

It has been a busy October! Along with moving into a new apartment, I’ve had to establish a new routine and work around a six day work-week for the most part. I feel as though my life has been non-stop since the move and I’ve also worried that I’ve let my crochet get lost on the wayside.

Despite that feeling, I have managed to get a few projects out! Some little things, like a dishcloth, some scrubbies and coasters to play with my cotton yarns a bit. I even made myself a pair of slippers and now am working on two really adorable hoodies! It has been productive, despite the fact that I have not posted until today. 

At the moment I’ve gotta get back to posting photos and prices and all that jazz, but I will update real soon! 

What if it had been me?

Today I participated in the Free Them walk in Toronto to show my support for an amazing and very meaningful cause. I should be sleeping right now because I work in the morning and today was long, but I think there is something I need to put out there that just can’t wait until tomorrow night.


Before the long trek through the city there was a bit of a ceremony. There was registration followed by obligatory photos, then speeches, followed by some awards and the march through the city. One of the speakers was talking about what had attracted her to the cause and she said that anyone could be lured into or forced into prostitution or sex-slave trade. It had occurred to me that as a woman I was more at risk of being raped or kidnapped, or both, but I don’t think I had ever imagined myself having been lured into prostitution, or kidnapped and ferried across Lake Superior to have sex with the crew when the urge struck them.

Thinking back on it now it was a definite possibility. I was a vulnerable youth once, I had reached my lowest point once. Was it just luck that while walking alone through Thunder Bay, a city I was only faintly familiar with, that I didn’t get scooped up by a recruiter? I’m sure that all it would have taken was a bit of smooth talking, not to say that I was overly trusting, but I was in my teens desperate for attention and love and affection from someone that wasn’t related to me. I was depressed in my teens, I couldn’t see beyond where I was at that very moment. I didn’t believe people when they told me everything would sort itself out when I graduated high school and moved on. I had a very low self-esteem, I didn’t see much in myself to love or really like and I felt with all my heart that no one else would see anything there either. If the right guy, young enough, would have shown me that interest to pull me into the trade, where would I be now? What luck fell upon me that I wasn’t kidnapped while walking back to my grandmother’s house late after a movie with my cousin? Every day young girls are being sweet talked into running away from home to live with a man they just met who swears up and down that they love them and it works because not everyone feels such strong love at home and not everyone feels confident in themselves, but everyone wants to be loved. Every day young women and especially children are kidnapped and forced into prostitution. In those cases it doesn’t even take sweet words, just strong arms.

This may sound like a leap to you. I can understand that. How do you go from knowing you made it through safely to assuming you could have been snatched up? What makes you think that you would have even been what they were looking for? Who could really believe that sex slavery exists so far up North, where everyone assumes small towns are safer? But the speakers today were right in insisting that this problem exists worldwide and there are no borders to define where it is safe to live and where it is not. Women are trafficked across Lake Superior and for those of you who are not familiar with this part of the world, Thunder Bay sits on the edge of this great, beautiful, freezing cold lake. It’s not much of a leap to believe that the prostitutes in Thunder Bay are likely not there by choice, or that some of the women on those ships on Lake Superior are from Northern Ontario. It’s not such a leap to sit back and consider that I could have been one of them.

I mean really, who aspires to be a prostitute as a child?

The cause needs a lot more attention. We need to spread the word, the concern and the hope so we can give the victims of human trafficking a voice and a safe place to live.

Visit the website below for more information on the organization, the issue and how you can help. Because what if it had been you?

Sample Squares + Hot Weather Colds

Sample Squares + Hot Weather Colds

You know those mornings when you wake up and maybe you’re not feeling so well (like this morning I woke up with a very sore throat) so you assume it will be cold and gloomy outside and it’s sort of disappointing when the sun is shining and it’s very hot? That’s how I felt this morning. Not to say that I don’t love a beautiful, sun-shining day, but really I wouldn’t mind a nice cool fall afternoon to match the sore throat. Getting a cold just doesn’t feel right when it’s hot outside.

To compensate in the mismatch between how I feel and what the weather is telling me I should feel, I started browsing through my facebook and then through yarn shops and pattern shops and found this great idea! (click title to view link)

The woman who writes this blog, Carmen, says she wanted a way to match colours while creating patterns that would give her a true idea of how the pattern would look. I think it’s also great for giving customers an idea of what I have available, giving me an idea of what I can purchase and also if organized properly what brand of yarn it is. My throat is still sore, but now at least the weather matches my mood!

Looks like I’ve added on another project!


It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a mere 3 hours. You could clean a room or two from top to bottom, finish a couple of pairs of booties, watch a few movies or lock yourself out, split your pants and be diagnosed with a kidney infection! Needless to say, my week has been busy and not all of it was good.

Regardless, I managed to raise a few dollars for Free Them in anticipation of the walk and got some of my mug cozies out to my generous donors. ( Still accepting donations – mug cozies for donations $10 and over)


I’ve also finished some adorable fingerless gloves, but those pictures will have to wait! I feel like everyone must be wondering just what I’m doing with all this time since I’ve taken almost no pictures of my recent work. The reason for this is I’d like to get them all up at once and while it is very tedious and the anticipation is killing me, I feel like it is the best possible way to showcase what I’ve got. That and I plan on giving away 3 completed items in a little contest when everything is ready to go.

Tomorrow will be another day back to work and I will be watching 80s flicks while I do so seeing as my coworkers keep giving me a hard time about not having seen many popular movies from that period.

What are your favorite 80s flicks?